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Q&A With Sebastian Dollinger, Head involving Design at Eton
Sebastian Dollinger, Mind Designer at Eton, takes some time out of his busy schedule to discuss has a bearing on, brand history and long term goals with Cruise trip, ahead of the shirt brand’s Trunk area Show at the Glasgow store on the 30th July.

Founded in 1928 within the diminutive village regarding Gånghester, Sweden, Eton is the story of David along with Annie Pettersson who both had a keen eye for prime quality, genuine craftsmanship. Having revolutionised the shirting industry, Eton’s shirts and components adorn exclusive stores around the world.

Eton is available web in our Cruise Belfast along with Glasgow Premium stores.

Reveal about your AW14 collection.

Our own AW14 consists of 120 models in six diverse colour ways, so you could say that it’s truly up to the buyer of each store how however like to buy it, but you can easily say there are lots of innovation within classic designs, like small elegant beating and fabulous partially plains. We have all the things available in most body fits in order that means that you can find your current favourite style irrespective of fit. As for what goes for collars, we now have them all from dime collars, tab, pin and cut-aways.

What were your main influences

We’ve been making shirts considering that 1928 so that means we have more or less have perfected the art of shirt layout, so we only fine-tune small things over time as opposed to re-hauling the way we make each of our shirts. What impacts our design process is newness inside patterns and the refined changes in details. We enjoy work with colours, up to possible, and it’s coloured to our own palette. We believe in individuality rather than dictating to the buyer what he must wear, we love when people can be themselves and we hope that we can offer enough diversity within our range so that we all always have something interesting for everyone.

What/who inspires a person

For me and for Valerio Leone, the opposite designer, we are generally inspired by the competition of beating ourselves from last time of year, meaning that we constantly try to make a new assortment without using what we have done before. We have to end up being extremely clever in how we use terrain weaves, and the roughest thing is not to generate an amazing print, it’s to produce a new classic top.

How has the brand name evolved

A lot of things get happened since I began working for Eton ten years previously as a salesman. We took over design black stone island badge 4 years ago and it’s long gone from being a classical shirt maker to some proper brand; you could say that we have turn into a total look for the entire range of shirts via classical business tops to contemporary fashion. Before you could merely find us with the likes of Canali and also Zegna, now it’s as most likely that you find people sitting next to Cures Van Noten or Vivienne Westwood and that puts a smile on my small face.

How critical is the staple shirt in today’s fashion landscaping

For me the shirt has always been, and always is going to be, the lynch pin from a wardrobe simply because of their versatility. Like a fantastic actor it can participate in a cameo role or a leading man, but it’s the one thing you always remember in the movie.

Who is the best person to be seen donning your shirts

Anyone that carries this with a smile.

Exactly why Cruise Fashion

The best way to really grow for a business like ours is through the best possible grass route movements all across the world, we’re not into marketing durante masse we believe inside sustainable growth and with the best community actors and that is where Cruise Fashion enters the picture. For it is actually finding the strongest nearby, independent stores that shares our primary values of genuine quality, second to none craftsmanship and a love for menswear that we will grow internationally in a credible way through the power of recommendations.

Take a peek at the sublime tailoring and good craftsmanship of Eton with with Cruise today.

black stone island badge