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K100 Karrimor X Nigel Cabourn Launch
Nigel Cabourn’s Backyard House is an inspiring haven tucked away at the rear of his house, ignoring a cricket ground. It’s a perfect place to have being a venue to unwind in, or to use included in a city break. As an alternative Nigel uses it as his / her creative hub, where he and his crew create and refine the garments he is the majority of known for. The lower stage is the base regarding operations but also is home to Nigel’s hallowed collection of vintage clothes. Used as details of reference, inspiration and guidelines the items is catalogued and carefully located. The back wall is made of sliding wardrobes that contain not only newly acquired heritage pieces but also Nigel’s own archive involving his past choices. Cabourn’s collection and his devotion for vintage dons has extensively already been covered in numerous interviews and blog posts however, when witnessed by your own eyes you can see that the particular northeast designer existence and breathes this particular obsession.

Amongst their collection is, exactly what at first, looks like tattered rags hanging through clothes hooks. About closer inspection, with some explaining via Nigel, each hung materials are actually a vintage coats piece from The second world war. RAF and sniper jackets, paratrooper coats – some complete with huge signs of age, wear and tear. The key bit on the rail is really a Russian Sniper Coat created from sheepskin. The sleeved is torn and also the leather on the external is flaking. It’s weighty and hard to distinguish like a coat. He lets us know that it’s worth £10,500. When asked exactly where he finds this sort of items he deflects the issue by saying ‘I’ve recently been doing this for 30 years’.

Apart from his huge appreciation for military garments from the first couple of world wars, vintage clothing from the 40’s – the actual 60’s Nigel also keeps a willing eye on modern day outerwear and lively apparel. His latest collection with backyard brand Karrimor and their K100 array is a perfect marriage of his interests. At first it seemed like a strange selection, with the Karrimor brand only really coming into its from the 70’s onwards, but funnily enough Nigel had taken inspiration from the model over a decade earlier. His 2003 Ascension selection was loosely dependant on a Karrimor Frame Rucksack from the 1960’s. He dissected the rucksack, researched the types of materials, colours and create of the bag along with used elements throughout his AW03 collection to create jackets and add-ons. Even more surprising would be the fact he still has the Rucksack and to this day uses that for black stone island polo inspiration. Mixing this piece with a WW2 10th Division Huge batch Parka worn by Nike co-founder, Invoice Bowerman, Nigel created his own edition, featuring fabric like the original K100 nylon.

An additional piece featuring well-known Cabourn traits is the Fishtail Parka, according to a classic WW2 Snow Parka. Employing Japanese fabric the parka, as with the rest of the series, is crafted collectively in Britain – a point Nigel is quite particular about.
Using Nigel’s knowledge of not only vintage/heritage pieces but also his many years of experience in the manner industry itself, he’s got created a perfectly balanced collection for the autumn/winter months. A highly considered assortment, the K100 Karrimor x Nigel Cabourn AW15 release encompasses the north east designer’s ethos:
“You’ve got 4 aspects: Vintage, Technical attire, Karrimor’s history and you’ve got mine; you put it all together and also that’s where you find these pieces.”

black stone island polo