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day seven: kcw january 2016
The last day of Kid’s Clothes Week is Cheap Stone Island Crinkle Rep Ny Black Parka here! Are you covered in items of thread and cloth Up to your readers in laundry and also dirty dishes Extremely pleased that you carved away a little time each day to sew I’m guessing the answer is, “yes, all of the above.”

1. dress using a face by Jo Bee 2. fox dress by Elke 3. theo zonen09 rabbits by Jessie 4. chambray joggers by Lindsay 
On this planet of 2 dollar t-shirts, being seated to cut, iron, sprained ankle injury, sew our kids’ clothes is a striking act. People who don’t stitching may think you are a touch odd, but they don’t know the satisfaction associated with setting a snap, or joy of an automatic buttonholer, or using a neckline turn out correctly, or making clothes that fit your kids body and personalities ideal. Making time in your life for this creative and revolutionary feet is worthy of significantly praise. Pat her on the back! You will be making gorgeous clothes for your children and sticking it to the man!

One particular. louisa dress by Natalie Two. sherbert surplice by Masha 3. spring cover with wings simply by Trijn 4. sudadera halcon milenario by Naii 
It’s very wonderful to have this KCW community where people don’t think I’m odd for paying my time sewing little one clothes. Head over to the project pool and  pat every person on the back which has a comment or a pair of, telling them how amazing their projects are. And if you’ve not uploaded your garments yet, do! I wish to feature all the wonderful stuff you made for the big KCW round up publish next week.

soft toy by Nicoletta 
Seems appropriate to end this Playthings! themed week by having an actual toy:) This particular sweet fuzzy bunny makes me eager for spring!

day sevenfeb 2016

Cheap Stone Island Crinkle Rep Ny Black Parka