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kcw and me: Brittney
Hi!  I am Brittney, I website at sewing pertaining to four (plus one particular!) and I am here to incorporate my thoughts and glare of Kids Clothes Full week to those already shared.
My first KCW was what seems like forever back, in the fall involving 2011.  I had hardly started to teach me personally to sew because I wanted to make my new child twins some quite dresses.  Maybe not local plumber to take up a new hobby, but hey, it exercised in the end.  I was nervous to put my regular sewing out in to the world, however put the photographs regarding my two can make that week through to Flickr and in towards the Elsie Marley group as we does back then.  I was excited with each new remark or favorite, I could not believe it.  The simple, sort words people quit gave me so much self-confidence to keep going.

And keep going I did.  I possess actually managed to take part in each KCW since then.  In actuality, I typically stitch or prep a bit almost every day anyhow, but I love the community feel of the week.  That That’s not me alone in my passion, not to mention all the remarkable inspiration that comes from the project pool as well as Instagram. I have made numerous garments inspired with what I see during these months.

I cheap stone island junior have formed a lot of close friendships because I stuck with this sewing thing, friends around the world that I get to speak with nearly every day.  I really like watching their toddlers grow and feel as if I know them, even when it isn’t ever actually face to face.  I like to appreciate everyday my makes through past KCWs and see the amount of I have learned in terms of sewing, and how significantly my kids have grown.

It seems like each time I find brand-new patterns that I never have seen before, and obviously now need, haya!  As I am sure some of you’ll be able to relate, it can feel so sad to seal this Kids Clothing Week chapter, however i am excited to find out what the future keeps for the challenge.

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