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OK Go : Upside Down and Inside Out – Music Video
OK Go tend to be famed for their inventive and unusual music video tutorials, and their latest work of genius for the single Upside Down and Inside Out does not disappoint. You could say it’s almost because of this world.

The United states 4-piece have teamed up using director / choreographer Trish Sie – who had been responsible for their legendary treadmill video regarding ‘Here It Goes Again’ that received a Grammy Award – and this time took to your skies for a airline flight in a reduced gravitational forces aircraft.

The program itself took a few months to plan and set way up, with OK Move spending three weeks at Russia’s Cosmonaut Training Center to get ready. This involved you use 21 flights and also 15 zero gravitational pressure parabolas per flight, totalling two hours and Quarter-hour in weightlessness.

When taking pictures the video, the band wished to maintain the appearance of merely one take, but also planned cheap stone island replica to make sure they were not just using zero gravity with regard to random antics cheap stone island replica and also instead had some thing choreographed. They also needed to number a way to handle the actual three-minute long song considering the nature of parabolic trip using the provided Ilyushin Il-76 planes which typically gives about 21 seconds involving zero gravity. They discovered that they were able to bust the song into segments which they timed with the periods of weightlessness, slowing the song concerning 30% for recording to match the flight timing better and enabling to set up more of the complex shots. Between periods of weightlessness, they adopted even now positions, which they and then used to trim out your periods of non-weightlessness and morphing the transition among these cuts, though still within the identical take. The resulting video effectively includes ten periods of absolutely no gravity, taken over the course of 45 minutes of airline flight time.
To get a single take they were content with, a total of 20 plane tickets were made with the aid of with regards to 30 people including the camera crew along with the plane’s pilots.

The band chose the bold step to release the video on Facebook or myspace first rather than Facebook, and in less than Several days has already tallied up more than 42 zillion views!

The monitor is taken from their own fourth album Eager Ghosts, and the outstanding video can be seen below.

And if you appreciated that then right here is the making of the online video, which features the considerably hilarious 7 been unsuccessful attempts of the videos big ending.

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