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Crazy Fashions Wealthy People Buy
In the world of manner and luxury, there is nothing too good for people who have money – and designers know this.  That’s exactly why they offer special things for their most discerning customers, items you probably didn’t know existed, like…
Gucci Mahjong Established
This beautiful special edition Mahjong set was made for you to commemorate the ’08 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and ended up being sold exclusively inside China and Hong Kong.  Included in La Pelle Guccissima red-colored leather and initially priced at $3,150, these have been showing up on the Japanese auction niche for as much as $9,600.

Chanel Come back
Cute idea, but I really can’t imagine anybody trying to actually discard their Chanel anything …can a person    (Price unknown)

Chanel Fly fishing line
Chanel…fishing rod.  Chanel…fishing rod.  No, I’ve written it 3 times now and those words and phrases still don’t work together.  About the only woman I know who would know what to do with a luxury fishing rod is King Elizabeth on Balmoral getaway.  But then she’d buy English, not French.  ($18,500)

Chanel Snowboard
For the woman (or guy) whom needs to look good via head to snow, Chanel gives this beautiful Chanel snowboarding.  Hope it comes with an expedient, take-anywhere carrying case, because you KNOW you’re not going to want to lean this towards a wall outside the house while you warm up with many hot cocoa in the lodge… ($2,700)
Chanel Surfboard
Want to look good while you “hang Cool Long Cheap Stone Island Trench For Men Dark Blue ten”   Try your Chanel surfboard.  It will only set you back about $4K.
Louis Vuitton Skateboard
The special Louis Vuitton Skateboard – a new tribute to the delayed fashion designer Stephen Sprouse  – appeared during the early 2009 and has been sold only at the particular Vuitton store in SoHo.  With a graffiti board and LV travel case, it retailed regarding $8,250.  Hmm.  I’m thinking my skateboard-crazy nephew would probably prefer $1,1000 in Tony Hawk gear and $7 grand within cash instead…

Louis Vuitton Emergency first aid kit
For the fashion enthusiast who wants to look good every one of the time  – even in health care emergencies – Louis Vuitton supplied their limited edition emergency first aid kit.  Made to commemorate the actual 150th anniversary of the Red-colored Cross in 2009 – as well as modeled after a 1914 war-time system –  this beautiful circumstance includes bandages, antiseptic, any stethoscope, and other first aid tools.  Rumor has this some people bought it for that Louis Vuitton band helps alone.  Price unidentified.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label  a LeBron James Basketball
Within his philanthropic endeavors, basketball fantastic LeBron James teamed along with Ralph Lauren to create 300 limited-edition Purple Label basketballs.  Supplied in October, 2009 and priced at $1,500 each, all earnings went to the Lebron Family Foundation, a corporation that focuses on training and helping solitary parent families.  Most likely not the ball you wish to be shooting hoops together with on the driveway…

Just a little a thing fun and out of the ordinary, to see how the various other 2% live…

Cool Long Cheap Stone Island Trench For Men Dark Blue