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KCW interview: Rachel from Stitched Together
Hi, I will be Sophie Crespy and I am so content today to be here to mention an interview of the über talented Rachel who blogs in Stitched Together and is one of our own KCW participants.
Rachel is a great source of inspiration for me not only as a sewer but in addition as a woman as well as mother. Her blog site is probably my in history favorite. I enjoy viewing the beautiful garments the girl creates for her 4 children, but I furthermore appreciate the quality involving her photos along with the content of your ex daily life posts. She actually is one of these bloggers whom always answers your comments mindfully. As a sewer, she has a way of turning trendy patterns in to something unique and beautiful.
Here are some of the best garments she designed for KCW in the past (and I will probably be showing other personalized favourites from the woman’s blog along the way!) :

One particular. chic kids inspired pinafore 2. a modified hanimi outfit
Rachel’s new born baby arrives anytime, but your woman was kind adequate to answer my concerns!
1. When would you start sewing your own children’s clothes Precisely why
I started sewing often around 6 years back.  I was drawn to sewing after seeing boutique garments that I loved but couldn’t afford.  I loved the thought of creating something distinctive for my kids although simultaneously having a imaginative outlet.  As time went on, I learned more about the ethical problems surrounding how clothes are made: unfair labor practices, sweatshops, etc.  One of the items I appreciate about forcing my kids’ clothes is the fact that I know exactly how the clothing were made.  My kids also have learned that clothes don’t reveal themselves on magical garments trees.  There is a person behind each piece regarding clothing.  Garment sewing needs time and care.   Though I don’t make all of my kids’ clothes, I’m glad my children are aware of the process powering the making of a garment.

Lotta Dress: what can I say: this Lotta Dress is flawlessness!!
2. When was your first KCW and how did it get
I first participated in Youngsters Clothes Week early in the year of 2012.  It ended up being amazing! I cherished the creative energy that came from a whole group of people sewing together.  That energy inspired me and I was able to get a great deal accomplished.  I think I had been more inclined to justify ignoring my laundry, dishes and other household duties when KCW was held bi-annually.   I have got participated in every KCW considering that, but that initial one was our most productive.

Bohemian Babydoll dress  : this is a single of the most recent dresses she blogged about! I am within awe!
3. How will you balance your work/ family/sewing time
My husband says that best balance is like a unicorn – it sounds beautiful yet is mythical.  We home school, my husband works a great deal, we have four (soon to be five) kids.  I to start with want to be present at home, and yet I hope to indicate to my kids that they are not my entire identity.  Sewing is a kind of self-care for me.  It’s been easier to sew recently, being our own youngest is nearly about three.  I can work on projects here and there while she’s awake- the industry recent turn involving events.  But with a new child due to arrive every day, I am expecting it will be harder again.  I try to remind myself that we have my whole life to sew whereas the season with a baby inside arms passes therefore quickly.  I really want to soak that up as almost as much as I can.  (But of course, I will definitely nevertheless make time to sew!).

Hide and go seek dress: this is the sort of fabric jules and jim stone island clothing she chooses that tends to make me love the woman’s style !
4. How do your children influence your current sewing
My kids are nevertheless young enough that we mostly sew just what inspires me.  I know there are certain things these people won’t go for – pertaining to awhile my old girls were opposed to shorts – but also for the most part they are quite flexible and gracious recipients of what My partner and i make for them.  I really feel lucky about that!
5. What inspired this piece you made because of this summer’s KCW

That was a pretty sensible decision.  I love attire my newborns within gowns – they’re so convenient for frequent diaper changes.  I don’t take pleasure in shopping much whatsoever and my daughter and I struck out there when we went thrifting.  Rather than do more shopping, this seemed just as straightforward, but so much more unique, to make my own.  And it turned out!  It was such enjoyable (and simple!) project!
6. Why do you stitching
I love the innovative outlet that regular sewing is.  I love getting something done which stays done.  I really like the rush I am when planning or even finishing a project.  And probably most of all, I love the attractive community that has been formed around this hobby, that to so many of us is really much more than just a pastime.  In some ways, it can feel more like a way of existence.  I know I wouldn’t end up being where I am within my sewing without this amazing community.  For that I am amazingly grateful.
Thanks for having me, Sophie!
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Isn’t the girl amazing So much ability and so much detail in one single woman! you must be impressed! Well that’s all from us today! Stay tuned for further interviews and inspiration from us on the KCW blog!

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jules and jim stone island clothing