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Good Vibes with Reverend Tall Tree
Good Vibes with Reverend Extra tall Tree
dweber posted this will likely 11th, 2015

Good luck certainly not tappin’ your foot as well as bobbin’ your head the moment a person hear the good vibes of Reverend Tall Tree. Born from late night jam seshes in a tiny saloon in East La, Reverend Tall Tree offers a piping warm helping of smoky rhythm and doldrums with a swingin’ beat and also healthy dose regarding rocking chair harmonica. It’s a sound that begs to get listened to in the existence of good company as well as front man Chris Pierce knows precisely how to set the tone.
Frank is an old friend of the Toads. With a speech like hot buttered tequila and a disposition like Southern sweet herbal tea, we knew all of us liked Chris coming from day one. We met him back in the early on 2000’s on the beach in Venice, CA when we had been shooting our very first brand video * a mutual good friend brought him together to provide some track record beach jams and the man ended up scoring our own theme song, “Everyday is surely an Adventure” in 15 minutes. He has represented Toad at numerous musics festivals and played out over the years at the Dinosaur Lounge in Portland, bringing the actual spirit of Toad to the level. He’s hit the road as an accomplished solo work, toured with large names in the biz, and crooned his approach through a TedxTalk on the therapeutic power of music. In summary, Chris is one great dude.

Reverend Tall Woods is Chris’ latest creative endeavor, and naturally we can’t get enough of it.  In early 2013, Pierce wandered in to the Sassafras Saloon, a new blues pub that opened just a couple blocks from his or her house. Word in the pub was the Sassafras wanted a new house music group to kick issues off. So by incorporating old buddies, a dusty harmonica and a songbook regarding standards, Chris and also the gang started carrying out as Reverend Tall Shrub on Saturday times. The rest, as they say, can be history.
With Professor Lovejoy on the drums, Outdated Parker on guitar, Doctor. Cooper on double largemouth bass stone island 2 anni and Pierce themselves laying down the words and harmonica, Reverend Tall Tree’s self titled debut recording is all about good organization. “Music is a way to enjoy togetherness,” Pierce affirms, “a congregation, a connection. This lends itself stone island 2 anni to inclusion as well as adds to the overall beat.”

And that’s obvious in their live shows as well as their studio album. That they recorded the Gas in the gritty style of that old viynl greats like Bo Diddley and Sam Cooke – one acquire, no headphones, absolutely no individual mics, registered live to 2” solid tape and mixed on the spot with a 1957 tape machine. Or even as Pierce details, “We let the vibe roll and we let the recording roll.”
When inquired what kind of dish Reverend Tall Tree’s music would be, Stab said, “A Reverend Tall Sapling experience is like a container luck – everyone delivers something to share.” Therefore shout, stomp, moan, shuffle, whoop and holler because Reverend Tall Shrub is certainly bringin’ something towards the table.

stone island 2 anni