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Marthe Cardis: Her Love For The great outdoors

Marthe Cardis can’t get enough of the outdoors.
Born in Chamonix, Marthe Cardis loves to be outside. While skiing is her winter love, Cardis doesn’t care what the lady does, as long as she’s outside. This will be the girl second UTMB®; she’s racing the particular OCC (Orsières – Champex – Chamonix) section this year.
In addition to maturing in Chamonix (thus experienceing this locals’ advantage), Cardis visits the attractive mountain town every chance she gets. That should be a bonus for the race—not only will she be adjusted to the elevation, however we think she’ll be more sure-footed as opposed to rest of us who are guaranteed to get distracted by all the amazing views!
Was running your first enjoy
I fell in love with running a long time ago. My spouse and i ran a lot on the trails in Chamonix, my hometown since the chronilogical age of 16. But I have to say that this “relationship” with my own running shoes is becoming increasingly more intense.
How did you get involved in the sport
I use to do a lot of cross-country snow skiing during my childhood as I was member of the actual Chamonix ski club. This particular gave me a passion for endurance and effort and when there wasn’t any snow, I proceeded to go running to stay in sound condition. Endurance is really some thing I like; it makes me feel alive!

What other sports do you like/participate throughout  
I really like outdoor activities; I’m not an indoor athlete at all. Put me in a Swedish gymnasium course and I expire. Almost every weekend The year progresses to Chamonix so I can just open the door to take pleasure from the outdoors—that is a fantastic experience. I love hiking, snow skiing, ski touring, as well as mountaineering. During the 7 days, I try to ride my bike in order to get some fresh air and employ. The more active I am, the better I feel. Any day I get outdoors to train a sport is a good morning.
How did you get started doing long-distance trail running
Used to do my first walk running race one full year ago in Annecy (England) so I’m not an aged trail racer. I do believe that my desire for nature and staying power took me to piste running.
And of course, since I grew up in Chamonix as well as work for Columbia commemorate total sense that I’m running the ethnic background. For the past several years, I’ve recently been supporting the runners at the UTMB® and I has been dreaming of doing it me personally one day. Now I have.
When did you initial hear about the UTMB®
A decade ago perhaps. They have always been a big event in Chamonix.
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Where does one train Do you have any training secrets for the race that you’ll share
I mainly learn Geneva in a very nice playground next to the office (with uphill slopes and descents). I go every 2 days during my lunch break… It’s the 50-minute run that’s really nice to get this peaceful moment during the working day. In the weekends, I also work, although during the winter months, my priority will be skiing.
For education secrets, I think it is basically important to drink a lot of water and to maintain a healthy diet food a few weeks before the race. I also believe that it is important to consider the competition as a game and never as a competition. It should be pleasure before almost everything.
What is your the majority of unusual race you’ve manage Why
I did not really run unusual races. The Maxi ethnic background in Annecy is a good storage as it was a exchange race with a pair of colleagues from The philipines.
When you run a relay race, you can’t stop trying and you want to provide your best for your team! I’d like to do it yet again.
What do you think will be the biggest challenge with the UTMB What exactly is your biggest worry about the race
In fact I’m in a hurry to do it once again! It’s a wonderful memory even when it was very unpleasant for my feet at the conclusion of the 53 a long way (I lost a number of toe nails afterwards).
Exactly what is a bit crazy is the fact that after finishing your race, I stated, “never again,” stone island baby wear but then right after days, you forget all the pain so you only remember the fantastic atmosphere with other athletes and supporters, the stunning landscapes and this amazing feeling you have next ten-hour effort.  There is definitely one thing chemical happening inside you after such an effort… and i also like it!
…in couple of words, create remarkable memories!
Do you have a all the best . charms, stone island baby wear ritual, or superstition that comes to play just before a race
Simply no. Just a good sleep the days before (very important!), a pair of liters of water and dark chocolate energy bars during my backpack!
How do you celebrate the end of a big ethnic background like UTMB®
Last year all of us went to a restaurant by incorporating colleagues who also ran the OCC. There were a big cheese about toast and a drop of vino! What a reward…. The next day, I needed some friends browsing me in Chamonix and now we went hiking—I was wearing flip-flops because my feet hurt so much.
However it was a beautiful warm day, I couldn’t stay home! And hiking throughout flip-flops is pretty enjoyable actually… That’s precisely what Sherpas do in their Himalayan mountain tops. A four-hour hike would be a celebration for me actually—it had been nothing compared to the ridiculous OCC.
We know you love Mexico gear. What doesn’t the organization make that you want they did
I’m actually proud to work for the emblem that sponsors the particular UTMB®! I would love Columbia to develop more jogging gear. I would function as first fan.
The UTBM® is a grueling occasion, at elevation. Precisely why would you want to do this Could you recommend it into a friend
It is a blend of good feelings: surpassing yourself, share the time and effort with lots of other runners, enjoy amazing landscapes, training during one full year with a wonderful objective…throughout few words, create unforgettable memories!


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