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The Tucker Torpedo 48
Formally called the Tucker 48, but more commonly referred to as the Tucker Torpedo this automobile might just hold the title of the most successful unsuccessful vehicle ever designed making it. With a remarkable backstory they just ever produced 1951 of them, but in the future you can pick one up in auction……if you have a huge slice of change that is.

Preston Tucker would have been a Michigan policeman transformed car salesman that always had an eye fixed for innovation. Because Second World War loomed he got thinking about developing a high-speed armored combat vehicle with an automated rifle turret. The vehicle failed to offer (although a One hundred fifty five mph army car or truck sounds scary as well as awesome in identical measure) however the weaponry systems caught the eye of the US military and also the Tucker Turret was fitted to a variety of Navy boats and bombing aircraft.

After the war, the public was stone island baseball cap medium ready for totally new auto designs. However the big about three Detroit automakers had not created any new models since 1941, along with were in simply no hurry to introduce them. This provided great opportunities for new small, independent automakers which could develop brand-new cars more rapidly as opposed to huge legacy car manufacturers. Tucker saw this as his opportunity to build and bring his “car involving tomorrow” to market, and the added wheels were put into movement for the Tucker Torpedo. He developed programs for a car loaded with so many innovations it would leave all competitors looking like they had been coded in the last century.

Although a few the innovations didn’t reach the production stage, the finished article looked like something never seen just before, and broke the actual mold of the vehicles from yesteryear.
Sadly the launch had been hit by issues from the start, with a magic size that was actually not necessarily in fact finished, which in turn caused a click backlash. Then Tucker himself grew to become embroiled in lawful troubles, and although he was found innocent associated with a wrongdoing his company shut before it had properly started trading. There is a rumour that the large three motor firms had now become worried and brought about Tuckers downfall, but it’s today all confined to the actual annuls of time.

The Torpedo’s which were sold originally proceeded to go for in the region of £2,Five hundred, however if you happen to get one now you can be prepared to become a millionaire should you chose to sell it.

Each Tucker built differed somewhat through the previous car, while each car built was basically a “prototype” where design features and engineering concepts were tried, enhanced, or discarded throughout the production cycle.

Surprisingly only 2 of the Fifty-one are no more, meaning 49 are still proceeding strong. Only one Tucker has made it over to Europe – the other last one ever made – it’s resided in Aged Oxted, Surrey with a private enthusiast for many years, however in the future will be auctioned off at RM Sotheby’s in Monaco, S5620 Carlo, and as you might assume has garnered a whole lot of interest.

stone island baseball cap medium