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coats and clark + giveaway
When I think of Coats and Clark I think involving thread. full cease.
But for this post I considered I should find out more to do with them. After reading numerous articles about the [surprisingly fascinating! history of thread it turns out there is a reason I do think of thread when I hear Coats & Clark: that they invented it. Absolutely no really!

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Let’s go back, let us go waaay back to the particular Napoleonic Wars at the beginning of the 19th century. In an effort to conquer the British, Napoleon blocked anything coming in for you to or going out of The british ports. It was referred to as the Continental Blockade also it cut off Britain from the rest of Europe entirely (even the mail ended up being stopped!). At the time men and women sewed with man made fibre which, with a business embargo in place, quickly became incredibly scarce and intensely expensive. [cool fact: smugglers would certainly paint their vessels matte black to sail into ports unseen.]
Meat Clark, an owner of a loom store, came up with the idea for you to twisting the cotton yarn employed for weaving into thread that could be used for sewing. Within 1812 he and his buddy opened a 100 % cotton thread factory. They will stone island beanie two tone wound their thread on spools, which was groundbreaking at a time when twine was sold in hanks (just like yarn is right now). Just think, we might happen to be buying our thread by weight as opposed to by the spool had it not been for Clark. Soon after Clark opened his or her factory, James Coats opened 1 too and became renowned for their 6-strand cotton twine.

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By the core century home regular sewing machines were becoming common. Clark came up with a fresh thread for a brand-new kind of sewing: intelligently named Our New Thread or E.N.T.  Both firms came to America as well as continued to grow their corporations. The two companies combined at the turn with the century. Over the last century, Coat & Clark has continued to be able to stone island beanie two tone adapt and thrive.
So when Coats & Clark says:
For over Two hundred years, Coats has been your world’s leading industrial twine manufacturer. Since the earlier 1800’s, our history is actually interwoven with many essential innovations dating back to the beginnings of the industrial revolution.  Coats companies a wide variety of threads in order to meet every sewing need to have.
They are not just providing you a spiel. They will really were part of several key innovations that changed sewing permanently! And they continue to innovate and alter with the times. Throughout 2008 they introduced a new kind of thread:
Developments in spinning technologies allow us to offer you Two Duty XP®, a regularly strong, smooth thread for trouble free regular sewing. Consistent tension makes certain excellent stitch enhancement. Available in three dumbbells – fine, standard purpose and heavy. XP – The ‘Xtra’ performance threads for the 21st century.
And all this thread might be yours!

Coats & Clark can be giving away 50 spools of the Dual Duty XP thread to one fortunate winner. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter simply by October 24. This particular giveaway is available to international entries, avoid where prohibited for legal reasons. Winner will receive one pack of 50 Dual Duty XP thread.
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 Good Good luck and Happy KCW!

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stone island beanie two tone