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Sweeney for Winners: Rare metal Medallist & Cyclist Ed Clancy
Increase Gold Medallist and Bicycle owner Ed Clancy

British Cycling is now associated with the wordsinspiration and participation; do you think you’re going to play a role in getting people to be involved in cycling from now on
Perhaps once i retire. I think we’re previously inspiring kids to obtain on their bikes and also that’s a good start. I’ll do a handful of participation programmes including kids and the skill team at English Cycling, but at the moment I’m just enjoying driving my own bike an excessive amount of. I want to keep doing that will for another four years, speculate soon as I finish cycling I want to some thing back into the sport. It’s granted me so much. It’s altered how I feel about lifestyle so I’d love to convey a bit back into cycling when I’ve finished.

You mentioned the next four years same goes with Rio in 2016 definitely in your sights
Going into London I wasn’t so sure how I’d feel afterwards. I figured that if things hadn’t gone so well I’d still need my medal through Beijing. Now I’ve experienced my second gold it seems sensible to go for a couple far more.
Cycling and the velodrome became a center point during the Olympics. Is it possible to describe what the ambiance was like within
In terms of the achievement basically it was the same as what we did in Beijing but it just thought like so much more performing it in front of 7,1000 people. It isn’t a wide array but the atmosphere in that room was so tight. The roof was so low on the particular velodrome it was just like strolling out of a night club – your ears ringing! It absolutely was a really special ambiance and it’s fair to convey we’ll never have anything like this again.

And compared to your current win in China four years ago – far better or the same
I believe it was better. Certainly it was my initial gold in Beijing, but being able to reveal this gold together with my friends and family and the people of Great Britain was far better. It’s the place I’ve grown up and also I’m quite patriotic. It’s imperative that you us that we’ve were built with a home Olympics to complete our thing in entrance of the home crowd.
Dave Brailsford talked about the preparation the cycling team got – even special bedroom pillows for each athlete – do you consider that attention to depth made sure the team ended up being absolutely ready to the Olympics
Absolutely. For United kingdom Cycling the Olympic games is the only thing that really matters. The performances you found at London This year were the result of the way you go about our education and preparation. There was no stone left unchecked whether in tools, the way we were sleeping and what we were drinking and eating. We put all each of our eggs in the Olympic gift basket and it came good again.
It was a fantastic time to be involved in bicycling with the Tour signifiant France setting the particular scene for the Olympics – it was going to be a summer to remember with regard to British Cycling wasn’t that
Bradley definitely kicked off the feeling good factor among British Cycling although he doesn’t ride Team Pursuit with us any longer I remember him lovingly from Beijing. This individual was quite a motivation for me and Geraint Manley at the time as the youthful lads of the team. It was great to view him go off and also win the Trip. It seemed similar to an impossible challenge so I think that inspired the complete of British Biking and the way we think.
So right now you’ve finished are you still instruction or having a relaxation
I ploughed straight into training after Beijing and looking again six or more effective months post Beijing I regret not implementing these my foot from the gas, so I consider I’ve not got a good deal to lose by having a little bit of time off now. I believe I’ve got time to sway about in gold shoes before I get down to the serious working out for Rio!
How do you walk your own personal path

I cycle to begin with! I think it’s important to select your own route rather than follow others similar to sheep. stone island beanie with badge I’m quite well known for not towing the line and having my own tips in training. Just as long as you’re happy doing just what you’re doing then that’s all that matters.
What makes your feet curl
Cabbage, broccoli, plants sprouting up – anything green. I’m not necessarily big on salads and vegetables.
Whose sneakers would you like to be in for the day
Your shoes obviously! I’m rather happy just becoming me to be honest. An individual can’t change who you are so just try and be happy being yourself.

stone island beanie with badge