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Apocalypse NOW: Things you’ll need tomorrow

The world may be closing tomorrow.  First, that really is painful.  Second, maybe you should prepare yourself  What I am talking about is perhaps the world is not going to blow up, but merely cease working, or worse Zombies can rise from the soil (I say worse,Ha but honestly I might kind of like to battle a number of undead- seems therapeutic and fun similar to lazer tag .  I picture a little bit of a The Road scenario with people wandering darkish cities, and chance hunting things that really should not be hunted- no, I’m not discussing kittens.Here are some items you might want in your family or on your man or woman starting tomorrow.

 1. Multi-tool Mayhem

A multi-tool is a much needed device in a post-apocalyptic entire world.  I don’t know how many times I want to to screw something, or unscrew something, use tweezers, stone island bobble hat wide open a bottle of imported beer, etc, while some hungry hobo chases me down an unlit road.  It was often, basically remember correctly.
A multi-tool, like the Leatherman Charge TTI will all those things and much more (plus it has a titanium manage).  What I love about it many is that it fits in my own pocket.  You can’t point out that about a real found can you  Plus it has a DIAMOND-coated file.  Hot damn, you will surely be the coolest kid during the end of the world!
Victorinox, maker of the world-famous Swiss Army Knife, makes the Swisstool Spirit, another option for all your apocalyptic needs.
2. Let Presently there be Light!
Once the sun goes down (and not comes back up), you will end up scrambling to see one thing.  That is an area the location where the Black Diamond Apollo Lantern excels.  That was a pun.  I will not care anymore because tomorrow the antics on you.  Anyways, as I was saying, the Apollo is often a pint-sized lantern that can easily fill a small room using white light from its powerful LED lights.  Easily adjustable, the Apollo can be dimmed using a switch- handy when the apocalypse also raises the lifeless. Everyone knows zombies are interested in bright lights.
The tiny gadget takes Several AA batteries or if you want to be environmentally friendly I recommend getting the NRG rechargeable battery.  Like twinkies, everyone will be searching for batteries, while you sit back and enjoy your Apollo in a dilapidated wooden shack in the deep forest.
If your are really terrified of drawing the attention associated with zombies then the smaller, more adorable Black Diamond Orbit is an excellent investment.  If conveniently you’re zombie-exterminator and fear absolutely nothing, then grab the Titan.

Three. The Weight (take a fill off Annie)
You are going to will need things.  Underwear, socks: basically everything your current grandmother has been supplying you with for birthdays when you were six.  And you’ll need to store them somehow and keep them near.  Because food will disappear you will have to be constantly on the move finding edibles.  A solid backpack is a must.
The actual women’s Gregory Jade 60 is a great choice.  Of course if you are men then perhaps the Gregory Z65 would have been a better choice.  These packs are excellent in every sense of the term.  They are light, well-crafted, rugged and comfortable.  You may compress these packs quietly, bottom and top, the covers are removable (for your nightly stealth holiday to the well), this will let you two big entry points to easily grab products quickly.
Furthermore have a look at all the straps along with pockets!  They say they are pertaining to water bottles along with walking poles, but really I can see a shotgun as well as Molotov cocktail sitting in their own nicely.  Or not.  The Jade massage beds 60 and Z65 will certainly carry almost anything (not really your stupid buddy who twisted his or her ankle and can’t retain up- he’ll have to look after himself now).

Several. Tommy Can You Hear See Me

Your apocalypse will affect everything, including Mother earth.  Winter storms will become fierce and devastating and sand storms will plague most of the globe during the short summer season (silly stereotypes, however bear with me).  Your subjected face will soon be looking and feeling even worse for wear.  Cover up quick-smart.
The Oakley Ambush can be a quality goggle that will shield your eyes from the factors during horrible thunder or wind storms.  If you will be in warm conditions predominantly then try a pair such as the above photo (Fly black – fire iridum lens) or if living in a darker weather try the Persimmon contact.  They are well vented, light, and have the best lens quality and power around.
An added good thing about the reflecting contacts is that you look like the person from Halo.

A few. Video Killed radio stations Star

I have learned a lot about the impending Apocalypse coming from cheesy zombie motion pictures.  The first thing I will accomplish tomorrow is find a very attractive blonde woman- that they always get taken first by the zombies.  Begs the question if zombies are really mind dead.  Anyone  Ok, so plenty of movies about the finish of the world are filmed shaky-cam style or video-log design.  THAT COULD BE YOU!
Using the new GoPro HD HERO3 Silver precious metal Edition, you could be that individual who films their everyday struggles along with battles.  Improving upon the particular Hero 2, the is smaller, lighter and also has wi-fi capabilities.  It is waterproof to 58 meters (if somehow you end up in a Waterworld type scenario), can shoot in wideangle, and has a redesigned audio system.
You can also film the world ending…

6. To stay warm, I promise.

 Yup, the GSIoutdoors Stainless Flask.  Just tell the children it’s full of prune juice.  They’ll never ask again.

Good luck.

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