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Levi’s Vintage Clothing Planting season & Summer ’13
Feb 26th 2013: Levi’s Vintage Apparel Spring Summer ’13

Levi’s and their ‘LVC’ line is highly regarded some of those in the know. From devoted forum types to Americana aficionados it is one among menswear’s great talking details and their collections often seem to get tongues wagging. They are kind of like a sneaker brand in the sense that they always have their fans guessing which aged model they’re going to re-release or which of their variations are set to make a recovery. Also similar to a sports wear brand stone island boston they also have the historical past in toil and difficult work, outfitting the country’s strongest men and hardest grafters.

Work as well as utility wear happens to be prevalent in the label’s collections before now however for Spring Summer ’13 Levi’s have sped away down a slightly different route, head 1st into the historic ‘Hot Rod’ picture. Famed for their display cars and fantastic engines, it is easy to neglect the participants attire. Nevertheless, closer inspection with a keen eye reveals that the racers ended up actually impeccably outfitted as well as impeccably pushed. From a fresh set of two Levi’s stone island boston to a piece of adorned shirting, both the drivers as well as spectators looked your part when it located race-day and that’s what Levi’s have got paid homage for you to.

It’s a bold series which is heavily centred across the culture’s main epicentre, the United States. The heavens and stripes attribute on numerous occasions and traditional resources are used for that traditional American aesthetic. The actual offering is a thorough one and there are several versatile t-shirts and sweatshirts to layer using the more jazzier shirts allowing day to day wear. You may expect the denim is also well regarded as and even sees among favourite models create a welcome return. The particular 605 is a skinny figure and arguably probably the most contemporary pair on the LVC roster. This year we see them in a wearable ‘Heavy Rain’ wash which in turn seems to gel properly with everything we’ve stick them to. Levi’s are authorities when it comes to crafting collections that both wow and perform so that you can be confident that for every ridiculous piece there is a seated piece waiting to match it. Anyway, which is quite enough talking about it (we did warn you) so take a look at our full range here in the coming nights and don’t forget to tell us what you consider on Facebook.

stone island boston