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Kimmy Keep Real
TweetKimberley Robinson’s trip has been so interesting to our readers since she combines psychological wellness and sustainable fashion; we imagined it would be great to check together with her at the end of emotional health awareness 7 days here in the United Kingdom. Many of us asked her to share with us the story at the rear of Keep Real along with it’s future direction.  Read down below to get the scoop on how her idea matured into something with a very real impact on our community.
Although my business hasn’t launched basically, it’s been around and establishing over a number of years. This specific encapsulates it’s stone island boys change of route. Its surprising just how certain you are associated with an idea and seeing the idea grow to where it is now.
Initially, I needed the idea of an illustration podium, collaborating with other designers naming the company ‘KR Collective’ in 2012. I was toying with the idea of creating a business that involved my initials ‘K.R’ and wanted this to reflect my beliefs as a person. I think if you’re trying to figure out a title for your brand, it really is honestly a lightbulb notion. You’ll know the name is proper when it hits anyone. ‘Keep Real’ encompassed everything I desired my business to stand with regard to. As an artist, I personally love old school conventional styles of illustration. The saying ‘Keep stone island boys Real’ and ‘Stay True’ have been fundamental ideals to which many people have cultivated through the years. It just so happened that ‘Keep Real’ also got my initial K.Third in- so I guess you may call it fate.

The very first launch online ended up being ‘The Keep Real Collection’ during the early 2014, which was a condensed selection of art prints as well as the first clothing prototype, made. Within my time evolving Keep Real with artwork exhibitions, craft gala’s, commissions and online revenue, I was working a couple of part time jobs and studying my Bs Degree in Coaching.

I started a well being blog called ‘kimmykeepreal’, adding my degree to the uses and expressing my knowledge/experiences of mind health. This grown up into a slight following online, and generated the opportunity to discuss young mental health on BBC Radio 4’s programme of most in the Mind working in london, United Kingdom. I wanted for you to inspire wellness and started to look at wellbeing overall through sustainability and also slow fashion. Also i felt the desire for you to pursue my be employed in illustration. An amalgamation of the required research, resilience and a complete devotion I was readily here you are at take on. Doing a thing good in this world along with improving others well being has always been, and will continually be my sole motivator.

Fast forward to the present, and it’s also now a brand launching this year here in the United Kingdom. Inspiring wellness through sustainable and ethically made clothing along with goods, as well by way of a blog dedicated to wellbeing- through mental health, on the health of our outfits. 
So where do I observe Keep Real pointed in the future  

In response on the research, a lot of the individuals interested in Keep Actual are actually interested in products that will enable them to think outside the box, and aid all of them in their everyday life. Maintain Real is first of all a brand aiming to enhance wellbeing- so products that echo our ethos is something important the business. Clothing and accessories are seen as an extension of ourselves; so are guides, stationary, homeware and each day items.

I see Maintain Real becoming a sustainable lifestyle brand. We’re investigating doing eco-friendly homeware, but I believe for now- we’re going to focus on the launch and see in which that takes us.
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