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Introducing Our Autumn/Winter ’14 Series: The Cobbler-in-Chief’s Dinner Party
This season, each of our Autumn/Winter ’14 collection was influenced by our Cobbler-in-Chief’s a couple of favourite things: shoes and food. Using the mentality, “stop copying, begin creating,” a stating originally proposed by former Michelin star cocinero Ferran Adrià of the renowned elBulli cafe, our Cobbler-in-Chief applied this kind of principle to both his cooking and his awesome main passion, shoemaking, to create our new season range.
A range full of vintage leathers, scotch grain brogues, multiple Goodyear welted soles, hiking shoes or boots and formal footwear styles, this specific Autumn/Winter collection and its marketing campaign shoot is crafted around The Cobbler-in-Chief’s Dinner Party’, that demonstrates the similarities between cooking and shoemaking and the inspiration each of our Cobbler-in-Chief took from a few different food types for your designs in the assortment.
Both multi-sensory experiences, along with extensive research, the Cobbler-in-Chief discovered that chefs are stone island clothing falkirk merely as particular while shoemakers, sourcing only the richest and finest colours and also textures to complement their main components. The very best are stone island clothing falkirk not frightened to challenge fliers and other modes and preparations to reach a further threshold of expertise and this is something we could certainly understand.
To emphasise the quality, craft and attention to detail of our new season styles, for the campaign shoot, we all sought a variety of different food types that will brought out and associated these features. It meant we used spanish mackerel, seabass, lobster and crab to attract attention to the impressive reds and silvers in your Compass Collection and handfuls of blackberries and raspberries emphasised scotch grain leathers on our Goodyear welted styles. Peppercorns, in a variety of different sizes, were scattered in another chance to resemble the punching detail noticed on our brogues as well as chunky fillets of beef, cooked rare and full of depth, feel and toughness on the outside, represented the strong feel of our weighty soled styles. We also accentuated the sophistication of our blake sewn range with an onglet of steak, frequently considered the tastiest cut of various meats, to demonstrate the prosperous colour and create behind these homemade Italian designs.

Earlier mentioned: Felino Brown Camel wholecut oxford – made from camel, which includes ten times as many fibres per rectangular meter than a cow’s cover, this oxford’s leather upper is quite tough and durable.

Earlier mentioned: Welburn Black/Brown Derby – (coming soon) – This blucher type shoe has a triple single welt and is also available in the boot version, Danby (coming soon).

Above: Comporta Grey from the Compass Collection – (coming soon) – This traditional hiking start is made with a beautiful, oily pull-up leather-based from the renowned Steads tannery that will gradually wear over time to give a unique finish.
With each shoe and every shot we were extremely thorough and specific with our choice of food, choosing foods in only their particular most delectable point out and in the best minimize, to resemble precisely the same focus we have when coming up with our shoes. We also used some of our Cobbler-in-Chief’s grandad’s authentic shoe tools through the shoot, particularly for our wholecut styles, to demonstrate our commitment to still using some of the industry’s oldest, yet finest, methods of shoe construction and cutting techniques.

Earlier mentioned: Cagnano Brown blucher boot – (coming soon) – This is a military inspired blind seam toecap shoe that oozes finesse. It’s masculine wearability at its best.

Over: Loriga Navy/Tan from our Compass Collection – (just around the corner) – The triple row stitching on this lo-top fitness instructor is normally found on cuts of denim, not really footwear. Our Compass Assortment pays an unprecedented level of attention to detail.

Above: Walberswick Navy brogue boot – The particular juxtaposition of a classic brogue start with the modern technology from the Fin Project sole gives us this very contemporary looking fashion.

Above: Hasketon Brown Suede derby brogue – We have now updated this Sweeney favorite with a beautiful brown suede for a distinctive alternative to conventional calf natural leather brogues.

Above: Otranto Black Oxford – Notice the contrasting purple sewing and laces giving this traditional French style a unique along with contemporary feel.
Some may call all this obsessive but when all of us go to the lengths that individuals do for the design and craft in our shoes, why would certainly we want to stop there
Shop our Autumn/Winter ’14 styles inside our stores and online. Tell us what you think of the brand-new collection, we’d love to know your thoughts!

stone island clothing falkirk