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DIY- Tutorial: Peter Pot Collar 2 Ways
Hello there KCW readers! Celina here from Petit a Petit and Household. I am here how to share with you a really basic tutorial on how to add a Peter Pan receiver collar, in 2 different ways, in any t-shirt or sweatshirt.

If you read my Wednesday post, you might have recognized I like to sew several simple things during KCW- quick and easy and extremely gratifying. Actually, things i love is when I’m able to take one pattern and modify the idea slightly and get a variety of looking items as a result. Oh, and if an individual read my Thursday post, I mentioned something about Peter Griddle Collars still like a big trend just for this fall. WIth all that in mind, I provide you with the stone island clothing history Added Peter Griddle Collar Tutorial and the Inserted Peter Pan Collar Tutorial made out of a simple pattern changes.
Here is what they look like…

I oftentimes tried See Kate Sews Kaleidoscope Boxy Sweatshirt for my routine, however you can do this specific on any T-shirt or even Sweatshirt/ Sweater pattern you could have.

Let’s start with just introducing a simple Peter Griddle collar to a T-shirt- you and you could do this over a sweatshirt too.

1- Grab your current front pattern and also trace the receiver collar as you would like it to look.
2- Grab a piece of paper- I use tracing paper. Track your neckline and shoulder, than add a 1cm seam allowance round the collar you just monitored as pictured.
3. Cut your newly made collar pattern part.
You are done.
***Note if you work with a woven fabric for your collar make sure you neckline is broad enough for the go to pass through. The Kaleidoscope includes a wide opening, so I had no problems. If you utilize a knit, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Here is what all my pieces looked like for my t-shirt. My collar offers 4 pattern parts.

Now we are prepared to sew…
1- With right facets together, put Two collar pieces with each other and sew around the neckline at 1cm from the border. Do not sew the actual neckline or shoulders. Repeat for the various other collar pieces.
2- Cut off 0.5cm
3- Flip your collar bits over and flat iron.
4- Grab your entrance main t-shirt piece, put your collar pieces making sure they are centred and stay-stitch in position at 0.5cm from the neckline.
Now you can stitch the rest of your t-shirt as aimed by the pattern directions you choose.

I created a few modifications to view Kate Sew Kaleidoscope’s pattern, here’ added a cuffed sprained ankle treatment and some bias at the neckline. I also employed a jersey I’d and I love the way it fits perfectly as being a dress. I wanted the very boxy looks, so I employed a size Four for both the dress along with sweatshirt, my daughter could have fit in a dimension 2 had We gone with the proportions.

Next, I explain to you how to integrate your Peter Pan Collar into your sweatshirt.

Follow the prior steps, as the training collar pattern is the same.

Now we modify the system.
1- With your collar tracked previously ( red marked line), we need to put in a seam allowance involving 1cm to the sweatshirt at the interior of your collar ( purple collection).
2- Cut along your current purple line.
You are done!

Here are my personal pattern pieces to the sweatshirt. I only have 2 pattern piece for the collar this time.

We stone island clothing history should instead sew our dog collar to our body.
1- Pin number your collar to your body with appropriate sides together.
2- Sew at 1cm from the border.
3- Trim the edge of your respective new seam simply by 0.5cm
4- Iron along with seams proceeding towards your collar.
Now you are ready to keep to the your pattern instructions and sew up your sweatshirt or t-shirt.

I love that you can enjoy color and images. Make it simple, make it insane!

I followed Kate’s recommendations for my sweatshirt. I did find yourself adding a vintage Vera scarf at the shoulder muscles seams. I just enjoy her big bow sweatshirt so much and ended up being inspired to add my very own little bow for you to my design at the same time.

These were such a speedy sew and the modifications were very simple to generate. You could definitely help to make one of these in less than hours. Quick, cute along with soooo gratifying.
Should you liked this you may like a few lessons I have on my blog- Petit the Petit + Family, most aren’t sewing but just as exciting!
I really enjoyed investing the week with you i have never been consequently prepared for KCW. I cannot give thanks to Meg enough to have me here this kind of. I hope I got an individual in the fall regular sewing mood! I am really excited to see just what everyone will be creating. Yay!
Have a attractive weekend.

stone island clothing history