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Queso Always Wins
Queso Usually Wins
dweber posted this kind of February 17th, This year

If you’re the kind of person with a no plastic foods rule you probably require a pretty good reason to interrupt it.  Ellen’s queso will make even most die-hard purist trample their Erina Pollan books on the way to the dip bowl.  Using a Velveeta-esque base, it’s naturally comforting the way a just recipe guarded simply by generations of feminine Texans can be. It’s foamy and cheesy with little bursts of sweet salsa and dark beans and it will go perfectly with salty tortilla chips.  Plus the taste is dynamic enough that you never get tired of it.  Actually.

Though it’s dairy-based, queso’s kissing relative fondue has a whole different feel.  The melted Gruyère cheese is sweet and crazy, the white wine beverages gives it tang and zeal and it’s best served over constant temperature, otherwise it seizes up.  You have to swim the stone island clothing london chunks associated with baguette right into the weed and eat them while they’re melty and delightful.  You have to wash the idea down with a glass of wine.  There’s nothing better after a day of skiing.
Recently at lunch we’d a Queso vs. Fondue smackdown.  You realize, just to see for good where our alliances sleep.  And while queso got one of the most votes, it only won by two.

Ellen’s not parting with her queso recipke and she probably never will, so don’t stone island clothing london bother asking.  But check back before long for Kate’s amazing fondue recipe.  And if you have a queso recipe you’d be willing to share, we’d be very grateful.

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