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Stone Island Certilogo Authentication

To help counter the problem, Stone Island has started protecting its products using Certilogo codes supplied by the authentication specialist. Protected clothes now include a label that allows the Customer to scan and confirm authenticity using a mobile and associated app. Alternatively, if a PC or tablet user, the code can be entered online via Certilogo’s website

Stone Island Art Numbers

Stone Island Art Number

To further protect its position, Stone Island employs an Art Number System with an appropriate identifying number found on the label upon all Stone Island stone island deltona fl garments (see the example above).

The first two numbers indicate the year with odd numbers signifying Autumn/Winter (ie 63 for Autumn / Winter 2015) and even numbers meaning Spring / Summer (so for the example given above, 64 signifies SS16).

The second two numbers (15) are the brand as follows:

14 Stone Island denims
15 Stone island,
18 CP Company
The next number is the type of item as follows:

1 Shirts
2 T-shirts
3 Trousers
4 Jacket
5 Knitwear
6 Sweatshirts
9 Accessories
The following four numbers are associated with the cloth and the treatment used to develop the garment. Stone Island (and CP Company) own the copyright to tens of thousands of materials, colours, dye processes and techniques.

The next five letters and numbers (eg V0020) give the item dye numbers and colour and the final letters (eg in this case, M for Medium)) signify the size.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Usually Is!

Don’t assume that buying something on-line is a guarantee that the item – and seller – are genuine; there are some very devious and clever people out there and some hooky sites selling counterfeit items that often appear at first glance legitimate. Look out for obvious issues like spelling typos, poor quality images (usually ripped off from other “pukkha” websites), and methods of payment that only include Western Union, Paypal Gift or Bank Transfers none of which provide you any redress if something should go wrong with your transaction.

Remember also to take care when purchasing from private sellers using Facebook, Instagram, Ebay and other on-line sales forums – all must be approached with care but you are at least given the option to search social media for clues as to the authenticity of the seller.

Finally, Stone Island isn’t cheap (unless second hand or perhaps last seasons) so if you get offered a new sweatshirt for £30, it’s going to be a fake … and more importantly, if you are daft enough to go ahead and buy it, everyone else will know it’s a fake too.

stone island deltona fl