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SEEKING EYEBALLS the other other thing!
TweetWhat lots of people who help TRUSTED CLOTHES don’t always understand is that their little individual contribution comes with a ENORMOUS impact in your organization.
Our organization is built around the concept that there is certainly power in amounts.  We LOVE dedicated folks who contribute a lot of their own time. However, almost all of the contributions come in the type of small contributions by a large number of people.  Every single person who does a small part is a critical factor of the success from the organization.
Can you support
Here is what we know : we have the experience, budgets, and staffing to perform the LARGEST SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CAMPAIGN for a non-profit in history – a campaign which has one sole purpose – TO CHANGE Client BUYING BEHAVIOR and demand a garment industry that’s built on honesty, sustainability, and wellbeing. Our team has more than 20 years of experience in this area and has executed hundreds of successful campaigns for some of the largest global organizations. We know that people need 2 crucial things:  EYEBALLS as well as CONTENT!
Let’s talk about Visitors – for any campaign to achieve success we need an audience of relevant people.  Trustworthy Clothes is an easy concept to get behind since the majority people are already great for begin with, so the probable audience is HUGE.  What we’re asking is not a enormous task that will consider years to implement.  We’re just asking people to Require more from the fashion sector.  DEMAND a living pay for workers, Desire even the most basic regard for the environment, along with DEMAND that clothing should be healthy.   Exactly the simple act involving demanding it will reform this industry that’s driven largely by earnings.
If you’re behind Dependable Clothes then do your part.  Tell your close friends about our organization – talk about on Facebook, Facebook.  Pick up your cellular phone and send the text to 2 people you know and ask them to check us out.  You don’t even have to encourage them – let them make-up their own mind.  If you really believe in our own concept don’t bother reading the rest of this article and do your own very small part seeing that will make an ENORMOUS impact.  If its 2:Double zero AM, go wake your neighbors and say to them Trusted Clothes provides sent you :).  If you believe inside our cause then don’t expect someone else can do it – You must take that small step that is to be critical to stone island hooligan marke our accomplishment and make an ENORMOUS effect!
TRUSTED CLOTHES can be 100% non-profit. We don’t have a money angle; we’re not looking for donations, we’re not marketing anything, we don’t supply the answers — but we do have a few of them and we’re passionate about it!
Today let’s talk about CONTENT and let’s make this as simple as possible.  The bottom line is that you need lots of content to appeal to plenty of eyeballs.  Everyone is knowledgeable in different ways, everyone has various priorities, and everyone requirements more detail on the different part of the overall message.  We currently use a content strategy which has over 5,500 different content specifications.  It doesn’t matter when you can help with 30 minutes a day or 30 minutes a MONTH – we’ll get it and we want your support.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, no matter what language you speak  – if you can help with RESEARCH, WRITING, IDEAS, STRATEGY, Proofreading and editing or anything at all then lets start right away.  Send all of us a text (226) 476-1438, give us a call or drop people a line At so that we can easily get started.  We’ll find a matter that you’re passionate and engaged about to help you maximize your contribution in order to Trusted Clothes.
When you’ve read this far we THANK YOU.  The simple act of learning about we and raising awareness is just one of the many small impactful things we need that will add up to some thing enormous.
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stone island hooligan marke