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HOW TO be a book for halloween
Hi there, hello! I’m Tasha via Glitter+Wit. The stars are straightening for this season of youngsters Clothes Week. Oct sewing dates + a storybook theme-are you thinking just what I’m thinking Fancy dress costumes!! I’m so enthusiastic to share with you some ideas pertaining to turning your favorite your kids favorite kids books into costumes for Halloween (or even everyday play).
It seems simple enough, right Select a book. Pick a character. Sew the thing. I am inclined to get too enthusiastic (my kids are still younger enough that I reach pick the costumes) along with procrastinate the Costume decision until the very last minute. There are just too many great things to sew! Hopefully this post will inspire a person (and myself) for you to hone in on the perfect storybook costume. In this post you will discover a variety of ideas; from classic costumes with pieces that can be worn everyday, to wild and insane ideas that will get anyone thinking outside the box. Here we go!
go Basic
Make a costume that could be worn long after October has passed- a classic costume from a classic e-book! Add a green top and apple as prop to become The actual Giving Tree’s boy, give a red bow and yellow hat (or perhaps headband) to a timeless gown for a Madeline look, or perhaps try colorblocking a sleep sack in hues of green for your very hungry child’s first costume.

A single. Spruce Shorts (Zuzzy Styles) 2. The Providing Tree by Shel Silverstein
Three. Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans 4. Debbie’s birthday outfit (Sewpony Vintage)

1. Colorblocked Lua Snooze Sack (Straight Materials) 2. The Very Famished Caterpillar by Eric Carle 3. Twice Knot Hat (Bass Kiss Fabrics)
get WILD
Children’s book abound with animal characters, but you don’t have to create an entire canine costume. Try adding animal hats towards the mix for a enjoyable and functional dress-up costume. It’s already getting chilly where I live; brand new hats are definitely so as.

1. Winter Canine Hat (Living Do it yourself Style) 2. Corduroy by Don Freeman 3. Bas (Zonen 09)
We just gifted Corduroy to your son for his or her first birthday now I’m obsessed with the concept of little green overalls. The addition of a bear include makes this the right not-too-costumey costume.

1. Dancing Sweater (Heidi & Finn) 2. Angelina Dancer 3. Ellie Dress (Violette Field Threads) Several. Animal Ears Fleece coat Hat (Tie Color Diva)
Yes, these are cat head. But the pattern has many other ear templates included, and it would not be hard to adapt for an Angelina Ballerina look. This can be a costume I know our daughter would wear all the time if I’d allow her to.

1. Llama Llama Red Pajama by simply Anna Dewdney 2. Laid back Day Pajamas (Bare Slate Patterns) Three or more. Fleece Hat (Vaappi)
We like the Llama Llama books! Sewn up a set of reddish pajamas and give a fleece hat (maybe lengthen the head a bit) and your tiny llama will be so happy with his mama.
injure yourself
If you’re not-so-much into the multi-purpose costume, then by all means go nuts! Making kids’ costumes is a great opportunity to take a look at a new technique or even material, or make your own pattern. It’s my job to get most inventive when sewing fancy dress costumes because there are no rules-unfinished joins, cut hems, and hook+loop closures are all fair online game!

1&2. The Little Prince & their Rose (book: The tiny Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
Three or more. The Lorax by Doctor. Seuss 4. the once-ler, the actual lorax, and the brown bar-ba-loot
For a lot of characters, you’ll only need to wing it-there aren’t a lot of patterns for coat body suits, blossom hats, and floor length waistcoats! Use your imagination and then any materials you can find! The particular Lorax costume above makes use of a yellow duster style coat, and two years ago My partner and i deconstructed thrift store teddies for our family’s A few Bears costumes. To research the house and make this work! I can’t hold out to see what imaginative costumes pop up with this round of Kids Outfits Week.
go Calmly
We’re already closing in on Hallow’s eve, so maybe you’re not experiencing up to a big imaginative challenge for a once-worn dress-up costume. Luckily there are many styles suitable for costumes-no pattern modifying necessary!

1. Forest Animal Costume (Jogging With Scissors) Two. Where the Wild The situation is by Maurice Sendak
3. Harry potter 4. Storybook Pinafore (Tie Absorb dyes Diva)
5. Reversible Crown (Rae Gun Ramblings) Six. The Paper Bag Princes by Robert Munsch
For any straight forward (and very identifiable) pattern, choose the Wood land Animal Costume-it has sights for a wolf, keep, or fox. Wonderful Mr Fox, any person The Storybook Pinafore is the perfect feel for an Alice look. I could also see how it can be modified to make a Dorothy outfit. And the last design is a simple crown. This can be perfect for any king or princess, nevertheless I’m dying to determine someone make a Papers Bag Princess dress-up costume. Bonus point should you sew a dress to turn into a paper bag! This might also be a stress-free costume for a baby.
My partner and i obviously chose a collection of popular books for these costume ideas, but there is no reason you can’t come up with a costume based on the obscure family favored. I think it’s more vital to make something special that your child loves when compared stone island junior age 3 with something your neighbors will recognize. What are you expecting Get to planning. I am unable to wait to see your outfits!

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stone island junior age 3