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Collective Action
TweetTo start combating large difficulties, we need to collaborate and also work together.

The nature regarding large-scale problems can be solved through collective action. Collective action through small contributions increased over people.
Multiplied over, this can mean using things that produce carbon to combat global warming or global warming. May well mean the best financial system at the moment. But it can give a survivable future for an additional generation.
Upcoming generations will be dealing with the same issues as all of us, but with science we can make great progress. Collective motion, scientific and not-so medical, has compounding effects. It adjustments the policy, law, and production of society.
The assembly and energy consumption of vitality as well as the production of the goods and services that will consume that vitality. That means moving from something like hydrocarbon producing energizes to less hydrocarbon generating energy sources, or even solar or nuclear energy.
If we can work with each other, get our ‘house within order’ and collaborate about small networks as well as small scales, we can have an impact that brings great change. It’s a bit like ‘think globally and act locally’. Each contribution towards a common goal counts.
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