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KID ART: motivation from art
Hello KCW sewers and blog viewers. Shelley (aka Lightning McStitch) through Bartacks and Singletrack here to talk somewhat about art while inspiration for making kid’s outfits. This is exciting to me as there’s nothing I like better than taking a perception, possibly unrecognisable to other people, and then getting completely carried away with it.
Frequently you’ll see art upon clothing and the clothes themselves may be more familiar than the authentic artwork. A Magritte T-Shirt as an example (René Magritte 1898-1967) or a Mondrian shift costume (Piet Mondrian 1872-1944). These examples could possibly be familiar to us older people, but not at all to our kids. So how do we define the theme KID ART (have you notice we haven’t !). I believe our kids can be very shrewd viewers of art in all it’s kinds and their reaction to an item of art is usually immediate and brutally truthful. Kind of stone island kids clothes like how they can answer something we have carefully sewn for them to put on, right !
I want to teach you how your local gallery can be a source of motivation for your sewing, and a fun outing, so I collared a couple of kids (my own as it happens!) and we tripped for the state gallery (NGV link) NB: All images from the gallery were taken myself along with links reference the actual gallery or the performer directly. Other backlinks for images or even general information head to Google, Wikipedia or other external websites and weblogs

 Paola PIVI
You started it… I conclude it
These kinds of larger than life bears filled the lobby and instantly our daughter was in enjoy. Brightly coloured, oversized, feather bears, what’s not to like Feathers will never walk out of style if you question a little girl! (Or even a big girl for that matter, I’ll take that Oscar de la Renta dress please)

 1: Skip Selfridge 2: Oscar de la Renta Three:
 I was fascinated by what the kids discovered interesting and why. Coming to the gallery with small kids gives you the permit to not try and “understand” the skill but just allow you to ultimately react to it.

Bul Lee
 The scale along with space-bug-ness of this room-filling sculpture had my son captivated. For me, my hands were itching to create a sketch in order to reduce a freezer document stencil. Perhaps silvery white coloring on a plain dark-colored T-Shirt. A bit more esoteric compared to a Star Wars stencil but likewise cool, no
Instead, the art inspiration may be in the fabric alone.  This fabric, protecting a whole wall with the gallery, is typical with the 1960s style and contains been reimagined many times over.

Geometry I
We couldn’t help snapping images of my daughter who happened to be sporting that very “mod” gown silhouette, the School Photograph dress by Oliver + S.
What if your litttle lady is more into the romantic style

Truthfully, when my child saw this stone island kids clothes she loudly requested that I make her one particular! Then my boy pointed out how the shadows look like angel wings and also suddenly all three folks were imagining a new fairy angel costume that involved wings and a red-colored, patent leather bustier with peplum. An Issey Miyake knock-off is simply the kind of princess decorate sewing I could obtain excited about.

Limbo Lamp
August 2005
A less literal idea came from this wonderful light sculpture. As the kids chased as well as played in the moving light from the key spinning reflective dvd, I was reminded involving Shisha (mirror) embroidery. That’s an approach I’ve wanted to learn and play with for a while today and I think it would make a lovely detail on the skirt hem, or even within a quilt. (Shisha training link)
But when techniques are unsuccessful and it seems the sewing gods are conspiring against anyone there’s still the chance to declare you were inspired simply by art. The kids love this video installation:

Charlie SOFO
33 Objects that fit through the hole during my pocket
observe video here
…and you just need a pair of beige, rolled away trousers with a hole in the pocket!

This felt statue could inspire any boys T-shirt. Perhaps a change effect using The state of alabama Chanin technique cutaways. It also jogs my memory a bit of this t-shirt through Zoolander which inspired this remake by A Little Gray. Film Petit is often a hilarious sewing string and a fantastic instance of art (film) inspiring kid’s clothes.

Face no. 24
This year
A modern painting (a mix of geometric abstractionism and fuzy expressionism if you like your art work with definitions) can be great inspiration pertaining to fabric painting. I know painting the background geometric shapes onto cotton then letting your children loose with a significant brush. The fabric would certainly then make a lovely clothing or shirt-dress. In fact, I’d want one myself I think.
Lastly, another sculpture that had us all enthralled,

 Kohei NAWA
PixCell-Red Deer
Next year
…and another idea that I actually want to run with. May I sew tiny clear and emerald glass beads onto a black knit sweater to make a mini PixCell crimson deer pullover for my daughter I’m really thinking I may just do it, I’ve removed as far as tracking down your beads I would use…
I did mention I was at risk of getting carried away with ideas, didn’t I I hope I’ve inspired you to make an expedition to your local collection, look at the art, perhaps try to understand it, nevertheless don’t be ashamed if all you can think is “how could I replicate that ” or “what pattern would I use to accomplish something like that ”.
You’re not alone.
Just try not to think aloud.
XX Shelley

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