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October 2014 KCW!
If there is a chill in the air you might sense it’s near. If you receive our publication then you already know: the newest season of Youngster’s Clothes Week has arrived! The official challenge week this season is October 20-26, 2014. Plenty of time to look at fabric, select some patterns, making a plan of attack! Before the problem week, we will get heaps of inspiration, a number of fantastic giveaways, or even a tutorial or a pair of.

The theme for this season is STORYBOOK. With college back in session as well as the weather turning highly detailed and cool, we believed it would be the perfect time to warm up with a book-and maybe discover some stitches inspiration along the way. We read so many textbooks to our kids so many of them are works of art. Why not look somewhat closer at your preferred Is there a color mix that you are drawn to Maybe a pattern you we had not noticed before Or illustrator draws great clothes you want to copy flat out. Pick up a book and see where it requires you!

As always, there’s no need to work with the style if you don’t care stone island kids online to. If you do use the theme and it takes you in a ridiculous direction, all the far better! There is only one tip for KCW: sew An hour a day for 1 week. Are you ready ! Well then have you thought to make it official Click here to sign up for the OCT. 2014 season. As soon as you sign up, grab a button to put on your blog, or perhaps Facebook, or Intstagram. We’ve got some extra-large versions of the Three bears button as well as the 3 pigs button for you to put in a post on your blog, or listing for your sewing room!
Happy KCW!

oct 2014

stone island kids online