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Meet Frode Sande: New Markets Account Supervisor at Norrøna & General Badass
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Want to meet an outdoor machine You just discovered him. Frode can’t proceed a day without pedaling tough, crushing rock or perhaps carving turns. Frode Sande could be the New Markets Account Boss at Norrøna. And a basic badass.
Here’s an overview of a bit chat we had together with him – following the most extreme era of our lives trying to keep up with his daily program. #ouch

Where do you live
Oslo, Norwegian.

Job description
Taking care of new markets for Norrøna worldwide.

When I was 30 years old, and I had just completed my economy research, I called my father and told him or her that I planned to keep at home for free, get together money by being a teacher for three a few months, all to spend 1 / 2 year surfing which has a friend in Australia. This hadn’t go as designed, and my father screamed out, You’ve been on vacation for 30 years! I didn’t travel to Australia…

Favorite memory as a child
Sitting outside under the sun with my grandpa on his farm after drying grains the old stone island knitted hat fashioned method. Leaning against the barn, experiencing the smell of grandfather’s fresh java, sweets, the awesome fresh air, the aroma of summer, and just finding myself that moment. My spouse and i loved hanging out with my grandfather.

Next trip
Sailing down to Norway to relax, bike, snorkle, go up, and play a lot of guitar.

What abilities does no one recognize you have
Running hurdles and high jumping.

Your biggest success
I’m not an academic. I am more about athletic actions and being outside in nature, so when We finished my user’s degree I was quite stoked.

What Three or more things would you deliver with you if you were to become stranded on a wilderness island
A sami cutlery, an onion, and also sun tan lotion.

Whenever we called your parents. what might they say about you
That will my life has been much too easy… and that I can never sit down still.

What frustrates you
Too many people, too many cars, too much consumption, too much garbage, too much pollution, and on stone island knitted hat occasion enough guidance in the governments in these issues.

Where do you find ideas
From Jørgen Jørgensen, the owner of Norrøna. Coming from bands like Oral appliance Nick Drake. From close friends who push his or her limites. And of course from lovely nature.

How long have you gone without a shower
Just a week. There’s always a river.

Why Norrøna
Because it’s real.

Exactly where do you go to get away the city
Nordmarka, wich surrounds Oslo just like a huge park. Or perhaps on my sailboat.

Exactly where should everyone that visits Norway move

What’s next
Turn into a rock star.

Pictures: @frodesande

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stone island knitted hat