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Glastonbury vs Coachella
Going to a festival when it doesn’t rain stone island pas cher can always make it that much better; with the sun whipping down, your preferred artist playing on period and an ice cold ingest in hand, what else could you need
However for us British festival goers wearing wet and dull clothes for the majority of your festival and getting over loaded in the queue for the bar are just some of each of our favourite summer reminiscences.

The real question is; Is actually Coachella really LA’s version of Glastonbury

With well over 40 years under their belt, Glastonbury undoubtedly wins when it comes down to time. Coachella has only already been partying since The late 90s, however it doesn’t always come down to the amount of time – rather more precisely what each festival have given us.
Namely the largest festival in the UK, Glastonbury has come a long way since the 70s. Starting as a festivity with peace the hub, these values continue to be celebrated today. Currently accommodating the every year growing crowds as well as pulling in many of the greatest names in tunes to headline their particular stages. On the other hand Coachella continues to be relatively small in contrast, at the beginning of its good results story this well known festival has grown drastically in the last 15 years.

Precisely what really makes a very good festival line up
It really is currrently hard to compare the two line ups because Glastonbury have only just introduced the first few waves in the acts playing. Even so the festival organisers get just added Kanye West to their list, can we compare this to Coachella’s supplying of Drake We will allow you to decide!
Both fairs fight to get the biggest and hottest acts headlining their shows, we must admit that Glasto always propose some of the best tremble ups when it comes to their headliner choices.

Considered by so many to be the start up of the festival time, Coachella takes place relatively early in the year compared to British celebrations. Taking place in sunlit California, Coachella proposes an extremely different atmosphere to Glastonbury. Set amongst the sunshine and palm trees, event goers are able to grasp the weather and the trendy fashion trends that go correctly hand in hand. Glastonbury on the other hand is always held at the beginning of the summer season, as us event goers know the climate can be unpredictable and everybody has to prepare for all climates and seasons. Wellies and waterproofs are a must when tackling the conventional British summer, however don’t be foolish and leave the sunnies and suncream in the home.

Coachella is ran somewhat differently to Glastonbury when it comes to alcohol, drinking is only permitted in specified areas which both offer a very remote view of the main periods. Unlike British celebrations that offer a range of cafes around all of the levels, allowing you to drink when you enjoy the music. With this festival guests at Glastonbury are able to carry their own alcohol in the campsite, which is a different story to Coachella. Keep in mind that you should always be cautious while drinking at festivals and definitely know the limits.

Unfortunately this season Coachella is now sold out, nonetheless don’t worry as a resell stone island pas cher of cancelled Glastonbury passes should be back out towards the public in April.
So why not decide for your self and test out one of these simple world wide loved fairs

As much as we would wish to stay in the luxury campgrounds or hotels in LA, or even Chad Sinatra’s former home. Could we really leave the actual muddy fields, renowned faces and sea of wellies that is Glastonbury at the rear of
We will leave this specific for you to decide!

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