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The Cobbler-in-Chief’s Shoe Attention Polish Guide
Our Cobbler-in-Chief is often askedwhat the bestpolishing techniquesfor a pair of Sweeneys are. With 3 generations behind your ex in the shoe makingindustry too 30 years experience themself,he certainly is aware of a few tips and tips to bringing even the many worn down leathers back to life.
Use The Cobbler’s Shoe Care Guidebook below to rejuvinate your shoes back to their finest.

Use a soft brush to eliminate all of the loose grime and grit on your shoe.

Spray the Oliver Sweeney Dispatch Shape cleaner across, making sure that you get the idea into every bit with the shoe. This will get rid of any old bits of shine and hard adhered fragments of dirt.
Once you’ve painted it on, provide a good rub and then leave it to dry, ideally for an hr.

Conditioning the shoe is actually important. Leather is much like skin and strengthener stone island shadow project leather is like moisturiser. The actual conditioning process feeds and puts wetness back into the leather which will stop it damage and fading as well as make the shoe last a lot longer. It’s important to cover both the uppers and also the soles and to really get the moisture straight into all the little the nooks and crannies of the shoes.
Leave our Soft Shoe Boot Conditioner to drain in for a few hours to permit the conditioner get to work.

This is the main event. Use the best colour enhance for your shoe within big circular concepts directly on to the shoe using a piece of lint-free cloth with both your index and midsection finger. Pay particular attention to getting the gloss on the tongue and round the back of the boot and use a polish applicator brush to get involved with all those hard to reach parts of the boot. For colouredleathers we would advise our Brush Up Clear polish.

Use a soft bristle remember to brush to buff your shoe hard and achieve your desired level of stand out. Once you’ve reached this specific, take another lint totally free rag and give this a final rub all over.

Practically back to new!
Polishing can be a valuable skill worth knowing. If you have any other attention questions for our Cobbler-in-Chief let us know upon our Facebook or Twitter.
To look all of the care products within the video click here.

stone island shadow project leather