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fall sponsorship in KCW
Are you interested in sponsoring Children’s Clothes Week this particular fall We would would delight in having you! Sponsorship for KCW is in 3 month prevents: the month prior to KCW, the month during, and the month after. For this fall that means September, October, and November. All recruit spots run each on the KCW blog along with the KCW community site. There are usually 3 sizes intended for sponsorship. All sizes are similar on the blog and also the community website.

Tiny:  145 pixels wide x 125 pixels high. You will find 20 small recruit spots available, nevertheless the small spots are usually shared so merely 6 will show in the past. They are randomized and all of options are not shown about each page fill.  The small sponsor spot is $25

MEDIUM: 300 pixels vast x 125 pixel high. Only 8-10 medium spots can be obtained and these are always visible. The medium sponsor spot is $75.

Big: 300 pixels wide x 260 pixels high. The larger sponsor spot furthermore comes with the opportunity for a sponsored post & free gift the week before KCW!  There are simply 5 spots offered and the cost is $150. Significant sponsor spots will always be visible.

Sponsorship about the blog is for the sidebar. On the community internet site we do things a bit differently. There are side to side bars running across the screen for all the sponsor spots. The screenshot beneath shows what they appear to be:

As you can see, the bars are offset having a bold color in order that they stand out. The bring in spots are on every one of the project and routine pages, but not around the search pages.
Whatrrrs your opinion We would love to have anyone for the fall season (and beyond)! Drop us a collection at to tell us you are interested in sponsorship. We can’t wait to stone island very listen to from you!


stone island very