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The fabric of the Scottish country
The fabric of the Scottish region
One of my favourite books in my library is often a collection of essays about weaving matters written by the particular legendary E Utes Ned Harrison, the boss of Johnstons associated with Elgin on either side stone island white camo of the Second World War.

Collected within the title of Scottish Woollens, this can be a 245-page compendium of discount and educational stone island white camo pamphlets produced between 1931 and 1957. All but a handful had been written by Harrison.

They are brilliantly crafted pieces of writing written by an certainly educated and excited man who adored the luxury textiles enterprise. The chapter labels speak for themselves.
The degree, which was bequeathed to me greater decade ago with other valuable books that belonged the eminent menswear journalist Stanley Costin, was published beneath the auspices of The National Relationship of Scottish Woollen Manufacturers. This list of that trade body’s members in 1957 which appears in the front of the book is often a poignant reminder of how, in a couple of generations, any once-thriving industry was virtually disappeared. As I was given birth to in 1955, this modification has happened practically exactly within my life span.

About 90 spinners, weavers, dyers, finishers and other textiles firms are listed. Simply 57 years later, fewer than a dozen are still trading. As David Sugden OBE, Ned Harrison’s distinguished successor since head of Johnstons whilst still being a director in the firm, observed to me:  That gives you some idea of the decimation of the industry which but now is just beginning to re-grow again.  Let’s hope that will in 20 years we will grow that amount up.
Indeed! On the other hand, it’s time for those surviving companies to take a bow. So let us compliment the following for continuous, as the Association’s springing lamb advised, to Keep the Quality up!: Alex Begg, Heather Mills, Wayne Johnston (aka Johnstons of Elgin), The & J Macnaughton, R G Neill, Robert Noble, Reid & Taylor, J H Rennie, Strathmore Woollens, and Todd & Duncan. If I have skipped anyone out, numerous apologies – please let me know and I’ll include them to the list.

Another lovely feature involving Scottish Woollens is the 11 enchanting illustration plates by one W Ur Lawson that appear at the conclusion of the volume. This one is really a particular favourite regarding mine. When 1 considers just how long weaving continues to be part of the fabric associated with Scotland, and indeed of all the Uk, it is worth keeping in mind Ned Harrison’s wise words: There’s ;almost nothing (in weaving) that we can do that could not be done in the Middle Age groups – we are quicker, that is certainly about all. The modern practitioners of those hundreds of years of tradition are worth cherishing and protecting.
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stone island white camo