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Ethical shopping cellular app at the palm of your hand
TweetEthical purchasing mobile app on the palm of your side
“Each of us has the right to buy things that make us feel good about our effect on people, the planet along with animals – so long as people choices actually do good!” – Good On You staff
Good On You App is one of the must-have apps for the fashion-loving men and women and the ethically smart buyer. Launched in November 2015 for Hawaiian audience, the crowdfunded cellular app is an ethical shopping assistant to inform you stone island windrunner the brand ratings in terms of its goodness to folks, planet and wildlife. The app assists the socially excellent you to select and purchase through brands that are aimed to your values and magnificence.
Gordon Renouf, CEO and co-founder of Good On You
Gordon Renouf, CEO and co-founder of Good On You developed an app focussing in clothes because trend has a large impact on environment, labour protection under the law and animals. In accordance to, the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, second only to oil. Good About You ambition is to provide a ranking for every brand, so you can buy confidently every time you shop. Their aim is usually to provide ethical ratings for the vast majority of garments, footwear and addition brands listed in your app. Most ratings also include detailed information and breakdowns for setting, labour and wildlife. He believes the particular app will develop a movement of people who wish to use their shopping to generate change. I am one of those people in Gordon’s movement.
Good On You beginning base of data will depend on the most common brands within Australia’s shopping centres. With more than 3000 brands obtainable, Good On You app has managed to present publicly available rating information on over 1000 brands and release new ratings every month. Recently, Good Giving you app launched inside New Zealand that found a significant uptake coming from ethical shoppers needing trusted information products and where to shop for clothing. Today, Good For you app is a increasing community of Thirty,000 users around australia and New Zealand.
Excellent On You rates brands every week simply by looking at 3 important things:
People: Good You looks at the impact across the supply chain including child labour, forced labour, worker safety, the right to association and paying out a living wage.
Environmental surroundings: includes direct and indirect impacts, looks at climate change and energy effectiveness, environmentally friendly materials, h2o use, hazardous chemicals, packaging and squander.
Animals: the use of pelt and angora, whether ‘mulesing’ is owned by wool production, whether or not and how the brand utilizes leather.

I have found the great On You app an incredibly nifty app because it makes being an ethical trend activist an easy task. For instance, one of my favourite style brands that I similar to dressing up to work is Cue Clothes. I type in Stick in the Good For you app to read in regards to the ratings.

Labour ranking is great. Cue is amongst the few brands that will pay workers a living wage. All Australian-made Cue Clothing is certified by Ethical Garments Australia that audits the supply chain. It’s fantastic to know that Signal has pledged to not knowingly source Uzbekistan cotton for the making of any of its goods.
Animal rating can be average. Although Stick does not use coat and angora, Cue employs wool and leather without specifying options.
Environmental rating is actually unknown as there is inadequate information on its environment sustainability policy.

One of several key reasons why I like buying from Cue is really because the clothing is predominantly Australian made which minimises waste, transport emissions and creates work opportunities locally
Overall Very good On You app rates Cue, as ‘It’s the Start’. As a customer, I could respond to Cue by giving positive feedback, recommending to do better or just provide a comment or even ask questions. I hit Send Message and also off it goes in order to Cue for their review.
My Fair Baby rated as Good’
Over the last few months, Good On You app extended his or her rating to include children’s clothing as there was need for information in this area. Any time My Fair Child found out that Good On You app found our own online store, read about us and gave people a thumbs up ranking of ‘Good’ mainly for our commitment to stock mostly fairtrade certified natural and organic clothing for babies and kids, our team proceeded to go ‘Woohoo’!!! My Fair Child was featured within Good On You weblog, The Good Edit as a freshly rated ethical store.
Good On You app is my reliable ethical shopping buddy. The app has helped me be selective in my purchases and just supporting brands that will share my valuations of social as well as environmental good. I purchase to learn about socially mindful brands that I didn’t find out about and emerging manufacturers that are making a impact on people, planet and animals. I also appreciate reading Good On You blogs, which provide a lot of sustainable fashion along with living. To down load the app, move to Apple App Store or Googleplay.
You might question is Good On You software available in the US as well as Canada. The good news is that it’ll be. If you love the music of this great app, show your support, of the same quality On You is about to take up a crowdfunding campaign to bring their particular ethical shopping application to North America. Pop to to enroll in more information. Good Giving you needs the help of your ethical fashion local community to make this occur!
The Good On You iphone app just started their indiegogo campaign. Spread the term!

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