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Saving Banksy – Docu-Film Truck
Saving Banksy is a approaching thought provoking along with discussion starting docu-film about the ethics involved in the culture of street art. Is it art or is it vandalism Whether it is free for everyone to enjoy or do people have the right to take it then sell it

Become good at cheating and you’ll never have to become good at other things.

The documentary feature film is the genuine story of one misdirected art collector’s attempt to conserve a ‘Banksy’ from devastation and the auction block.

It focuses on the road artist’s oblique relationship on the art market – stone island yellow an anonymous artist in whose public works aren’t on the market. Or are they This documentary would read like an intercontinental art heist picture in the event the outrageous profiteering on display was illegal. It does create the question though How would you react if you owned a thousand dollar painting the artist doesn’t want distributed

There is another issue as well. Some people consider street art a crime; other people consider it a form of artwork. Graffiti can actually be monitored back to the first millennium BC when identities were scratched onto the surface of rocks and boulders in the primarily basalt desert of southern Syria, eastern Jordan and also northern Saudi Arabia, yet does that translate to modern times
Nowadays how can you differentiate between a meaningless criminal act, and a piece of modern fine art history It is a borderline matter.

Directed by Colin Day with narration by Robert Polycarpou, it features job interviews with the top street and graffiti artists from across the globe, including Dan Eine, Risk, Revok, Niels Mueman, Blek Le Rat, Anthony Lister, Doze Green, Hera and Glen Elizabeth Friedman.

Saving Banksy – It isn’t really art unless you can market it for lots of money.

Without any release date yet, take a look at the trailer under, which BE WARNED will contain the occasional heated swear word. And for your official website for your docu-film please visit here.

stone island yellow