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There is always something brewing at the Stone Island factory in Ravarino, Italy. Whether it��s a brand new technology that will make a winter jacket change color below zero or if it��s new ideas from the design team on how to revolutionize the way clothing can be made, groundbreaking things are always cooking in the universe of Stone Island.

This process of constant development has been going on since 1982. For more than 30 years, Stone Island have been not just pushing, but breaking the limits for what��s technologically possible in the world of fabrics.

Ever since the late Massimo Osti envisioned the idea of Stone Island, the brand has approached fashion like no one before. With a background in industrial textiles, Osti applied his knowledge to the Stone Island garments right from the start. The result; the iconic Tela Stella jacket made from heavy-duty tarpaulin, which is normally used on truck trailers, washed with volcanic stones several times for long periods to break down the stiffness of the material. An incredible level of research and development that��s has become synonymous with Stone Island.

This close connection with industrial design has always been a core value for Stone Island. It��s how fashion is approached, and its how new ideas are conceived. The brand is now in the capable hands of supreme stone island camp cap the charismatic and passionate CEO Carlo Rivetti. And under his direction, Stone Island is still inventing unique methods to clothes making.

Whether it��s some new technical protective coating or a new multi-step way of dying clothes, one thing is for sure: Stone Island is doing it like no one else.

Have a look inside the comprehensive dying process a Stone Island garment goes trough

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supreme stone island camp cap