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Q & A With St-Martins Designer, Anne Melgaard Thorsen
For our customers that may not always be too familiar with the emblem would you mind offering us a brief review

St-Martins started in 1997 like a knitwear brand and at that time it turned out designed for both for males and females. The idea behind St-Martins would have been to make trendy and high quality clothes which has a very competitive price, and this is still today our mail goals at St-Martins.

In 2001/2002 we begun to play with mixing fabrics and using crazy prints in our collection. The collection developed into a little more casual feminine style but with eye catching and audacious styling which has turn into a typical St-Martins trait. Close to that time we discovered our “uniqueness” in St-Martins.

From there our brand id has been very clear to us, as being a colourful and also playful feminine brand name with our main concentrate to make comfortable and well fitted variations which emphasize the woman body. Print and hues are a very important factor inside the St-Martins collection and though we always pay attention to the basic trends in fashion we create the styles in your own St-Martins spirit.

Who is the St Martins female

We dress girls from their twenties on their sixties. We see the style as “without age” * it is more just a few the women’s taste that buys our clothes. She has a strong urge to have fun, to try out with colours and stand out from the crowd.

Can you give us an insight to your process when needs to design a new series

A new collection commences with a lot of research. My spouse and i seek my creativity from different types of graphic media. Of course I additionally travel.

When I know where to go I begin to make prints and move together the colours for the new collection. It is a long process nevertheless for St-Martins it is a very important time because it is here the entire foundation for the new selection is laid. Just about all prints and colours wait the wall with me at night all the time so I have a very “feeling” of the new series. After this period My spouse and i begin to draw the range. I always have a very certain plan of how numerous dresses, coats, dresses, tops and so on the gathering must contain. It’s usually like a big challenge!

Who are your biggest design inspirations

St-Martins is built on print, colours along with eye catching design. While i seek inspiration for my collection I obviously look at other creative designers who are amazing with print and colours.

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The collections have a heavy graphic influence. What ended up your inspirations for your AW14 assortment

The St-Martins AW 2014 collection can be inspired by graphic art, structures and also surfaces found in nature. Spirals and waves the thing is in marble rock and micro structures found in animal skin. Beautifully detailed blossom prints and blurred aquarelle paint which gives an impression of something in-between flowers and animal skin. It is a universe in which the soft and feminine fulfills a masculine arena of classic wool houses and dark well developed colours.

If you might have any woman (still living or not) to the front a St Martins advertising campaign who would it be and also why

Among ladies who are alive I would like to see Angelina Jolie or Uma Thurman in a campaign with regard to St-Martins. They are both incredibly stunning and talented ladies, and, besides their particular beauty they are cool and charismatic.

Can you give our audience a sneak top to what we should count on for the future of E Martins

The last couple of years St-Martins moved through a period of alter. We have developed a much more homogeneous collection. There is no doubt for all of us in the St-Martins team which in the future our buyers will see a more confident direction in our collections. St-Martins is focused on colours, eye catching produce and beautifully formed clothes; this will be even more visible in future collections.

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